Take Cover

TAKE COVER is Northwest Arkansas’ premier cover band. Celebrating 18 years of success. TAKE COVER has entertained thousands of audience members at Music Venues, Clubs, Charity Events, Corporate Events, Private Parties, Weddings and more. TAKE COVER will assemble a set list for you’re specific gathering demographics to maximize the overall enjoyment of all. TAKE COVER set list is designed to please the audience, get people dancing, and connect with as many people as possible. A unique mix of dance tunes from the 60’s to today. TAKE COVER plays what the audience wants to hear. It works, as evidenced by the multiple Cover Band of the Year nominations from the NWA Music Awards that TAKE COVER has received over the years. “Take Cover is taking the local music scene by storm…….….But the credit is due to their ability to re-create songs almost identically to the way they sound on the radio, and to their song selection – a very unique mix of dance tunes from the ‘70’s through to the present. The band calls the broad spectrum of their music generational synergy” – Article: All About Town

There is another side of TAKE COVER that sets them apart; they are also known for their Acoustical/Unplugged sets. A completely different phenomenon occurs when electrified instruments are replaced by acoustical instruments, giving a whole new perspective and voicing to popular tunes. The performances are great for eclectic events, Americana vibes and intimate gatherings.

TAKE COVER delivers strong performances, with songs that keep the crowd dancing. Their goal, bottom line, is to play songs that attract people to the dance floor and keep them there.